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Astronergy/Chint Solar invests in a 15 MW solar park in Noord-Holland Noord

Astronergy/Chint Solar and VOF Andijk Zuid have signed an agreement on [date] for the sale of 11.6 hectares of land on Business Park Andijk Zuid in Medemblik. Astronergy/Chint Solar recently received an SDE + subsidy from RVO for the development of a solar park with a capacity of 15.2 megawatts. In 2017, the municipality of Medemblik approved the construction of a solar park on the existing business park Andijk Zuid. The construction is planned to start in June 2018.

In the past year, the Development Agency NHN has assisted Astronergy/Chint Solar in finding a suitable location and connecting them with the regional stakeholders, the developer VOF Andijk, the municipality of Medemblik and the province of Noord-Holland. Bernardo Silvestre, Head of Business Development Europe at Astronergy/Chint Solar: “Astronergy/Chint Solar is one of the world’s largest solar IPP with more than 3 GW in the balance sheet and is actively investing in downstream solar project development in The Netherlands and Europe. NHN was of great assistance in location search and in involving the regional stakeholders which allowed enabling and speeding up the land acquisition process”.

Regional energy ambition
“Noord-Holland Noord is proactively looking for new energy solutions. The development of solar energy is in line with the energy ambitions of the region. The region already is accelerating in the production wind, solar, biomass energy. Furthermore the production of geothermal and hydrogen is developing substantial”. Bjorn Borgers, senior project manager at Development Agency NHN: “This large-scale investment in solar energy production contributes to the excellent investment climate of the region. Entrepreneurs increasingly attach importance to the presence of sustainable energy in their choice of location.”

Andijk Zuid
Andijk Zuid is a 14-hectare business park in the municipality Medemblik. Alderman Hans Tigges of the municipality of Medemblik is also pleased with this development: “As a municipality we are firmly on the energy transition and sustainable energy for our residents and companies that invest here. This sunbathing meadow definitely contributes to this. ” Cees Brinkman on behalf of VOF Andijk: “The development of this solar park on Andijk Zuid is a good alternative for the business park and will strengthen the regional business climate.”

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