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New start-ups in sustainable energy at incubator IDEA in Alkmaar

“The combination of housing and guidance through IDEA is a great help”.

Incubator IDEA has moved to Building C of INHOLLAND in Alkmaar. Out of a total of nine start-ups that have joined IDEA, four have settled directly with IDEA in the Bergerweg building. The new office facilities offer sustainable energy start-ups an ideal setting, in which they can develop innovative ideas and concepts into successful products and companies.

One of the new start-ups is Sustenso. Sustenso’s goal is to develop sustainable solutions for the agricultural sector. The start-up has developed a process in which digestate is processed into fully-fledged fertilisers and CO2 is removed from the biogas. Entrepreneur Hans van der Wijde explains, “This is how we create a circular economy; more revenue and less, or rather no, waste. Better for the environment, good for the farmer!” Van der Wijde is pleased with IDEA’s support: “IDEA’s facilities help us get a running start. The combination of housing and guidance through IDEA is a great help”.

Start-up 3D cat has also established itself at IDEA. 3D-cat uses ECN technology to produce catalysts for the chemical industry through additive manufacturing. This is a production technique in which a digital file is converted into a physical product. Gabriel the Scheemaker from 3D-cat explains, “IDEA enables us to focus on the development of our business case and its financing. The available expertise and guidance aimed at sustainable energy applications helps us enormously in the start-up phase of our company.”

Both companies are affiliated with InVesta and play an important role in the development of renewable gas, and also in Alkmaar’s living lab.

From idea to growth

The IDEA incubator from Alkmaar guides start-ups and helps entrepreneurs to bring innovative ideasin the field of sustainable energy to the market. In practice, this means coaching, making use of an extensive network (for example in the field of financiers, suppliers and customers) and support in business development. IDEA supports entrepreneurs in North Holland with its partners – Development company NHN, ENGIE, the municipality of Alkmaar, ECN, New Energy Coalition, INHOLLAND and Teamwork Technology. For more information, please visit

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Energy and innovation in the region

Energy Innovation Park and North-Holland are becoming the centre for new technology and business in the field of sustainable energy. Download the brochure to read more.

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