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The INVESTA Expertise Center sits at the heart of Energy Innovation Park. The Center bundles breakthrough technology and expertise in the area of traditional, green and other new energy forms, such as biomass gasification, power-to-gas and (bio)LNG. The building facilities and the surrounding area are at your disposal to use for the development and testing of biomass gasification and other related gas technologies.

Focus on Biomass Gasification

One of the pillars of the Center is the development of green gas from biomass gasification. With this in mind, a demonstration facility was installed at the Park for the creation of green gas from dry biomass. It is also the home of the National Expertise Center for Biomass Gasification.

Capitalize on the available expertise

Tenants at INVESTA automatically profit from the expertise available in the immediate area. The easy access to expertise and state-of-the-art facilities means that companies and start-up entrepreneurs are able to make a fast, efficient and advantageous start with their future innovations.

The flexible workspace at INVESTA offers opportunities to small R&D groups, but also to companies that are experimenting with new technologies and need space to construct demonstration and test sites and/or eventually product lines related to new technologies.


Synergy benefits

Through the bundling of projects in, among other things, biomass gasification, shared knowledge from within INVESTA can be extended. And in the course of process production participants can exchange, e.g., gasses and feedstock.

  • Start fast
  • To help ensure a fast start for your business, the following features will be in place:
  • Basic connection for high voltage electricity, water
  • Supporting facilities in the areas of sanitation and dressing rooms
  • Office and meeting room space
  • Site management
  • An abbreviated permit procedure
  • Access to financial resources from, among others, the province of North Holland


Energy Innovation Park biedt ruimte aan bedrijven die actief zijn op het gebied van traditionele, groene en nieuwe innovatieve energievormen. De volgende bedrijven zijn momenteel actief op het Energy Innovation Park.


TAQA Energy is a worldwide energy company, active in exploration and production of oil and gas and the generation of electricity. In the Netherlands, TAQA is contributing to the (green) gas hub through the Bergermeer Gas Storage facility.

SCW systems

Superkritische watervergassing (Super Critical Water gasification, SCW) is een innovatieve technologie die natte biomassa (afval-)stromen zoals mest, groenafval en rioolslib converteert in duurzame energie en herbruikbare grondstoffen.

De omgeving

Energy Innovation Park heeft in korte tijd diverse bedrijven uit de energiebranche aangetrokken. In hoog tempo worden projecten ontwikkeld die van betekenis kunnen zijn voor andere bedrijven in dit gebied.


Different companies have established themselves at the Energy Innovation Park. Read more about what they are saying.

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Energy Innovation Park offers state-of-the art facilities to companies active in the traditional, green and new energy sector.

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Energy Innovation Park offers companies active in the energy sector the space to grow in state-of-the-art and innovative environment.

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INVESTA is the place to demonstrate new technologies in the field of biomass gasification.  Synergies are created by cooperation of new companies and institutes. An important step in bringing innovation to the market!

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