Alkmaar - Nederland


Centrally located on the A9 near Alkmaar.
Pleasant living environment only 30 minutes from Amsterdam


The ideal location of Energy Innovation Park in North Holland is just one of the many features that make it such a complete package. The site is ideally situated on the A9 barely ten minutes from the historic center of Alkmaar, thirty minutes from Amsterdam, and between the ports of Amsterdam, IJmuiden and Den Helder.

Pleasant living and working conditions
Energy Innovation Park offers an excellent living and working atmosphere. Companies active in today’s energy market and in the area of new energy forms are establishing themselves here surrounded by industry peers and in an area where all the facilities needed to optimize a business are at one’s finger tips.

Innovative entrepreneurs and companies brought together
Energy Innovation Park is a collaboration between TAQA, the province North Holland, the Development company North Holland North, and the municipality Alkmaar. One of its pillars is its bringing together of innovative entrepreneurs and companies working in both the traditional, green and new energy-related sectors. The partners in this initiative have extensive experience in helping national and international companies to find suitable working locations and this resonates well in the relationship management of this project.


Excellent business atmosphere Based on reactions from the companies already established in Alkmaar, the excellent business atmosphere is clearly very highly valued. This rings true in the efficient way business is carried out with the community and the involvement of all those active in the acquisition process. Efficiency and pragmatism are the hallmarks of Energy Innovation Park and they are there to benefit you. Most important regional location factors at a glance:

  • Excellent and cooperative business atmosphere
  • Easily accessible via public transportation, car and by sea
  • Situated between the ports of Amsterdam, IJmuiden and Den Helder
  • Availability of technically trained personnel
  • Ideal location and residential environment
  • Beach, nature and city are all easily accessible
  • Excellent school facilities

De omgeving

Energy Innovation Park heeft in korte tijd diverse bedrijven uit de energiebranche aangetrokken. In hoog tempo worden projecten ontwikkeld die van betekenis kunnen zijn voor andere bedrijven in dit gebied.


Energy Innovation Park offers companies active in the energy sector the space to grow in state-of-the-art and innovative environment.

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The Center is the location for entrepreneurs and knowledge developers to test and demonstrate energy innovations in a state-of-the-art environment.

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Energy Innovation Park offers state-of-the art facilities to companies active in the traditional, green and new energy sector.

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With its ideal location and nearness to the beach, polders and city, Energy Innovation Park lets you get established in an attractive living and working atmosphere.

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